Finally, a true innovation in HL7 message distribution. You can use the HL7 Postmaster to split inbound HL7 feeds to intelligently deliver messages to multiple destinations. Create visually dynamic documents and reports from your HL7 messages! Send and receive HL7 messages over the internet with you (or your client's) existing HL7 interfaces! No More VPNs! You can also use the HL7 Postmaster to filter HL7 messages, deliver messages to multiple recipients, transform messages, create 'anonymous' HL7 messages for testing or product examples and more! Remarkably easy to set up and configure, you can have this product up and running and fully integrated into your HL7 solution in less than the amount of time it takes to read the 'Before You Begin' section of other HL7 product manuals.

The UltraPort HL7 Postmaster

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