For over 15 years HermeTech International has been dedicated to the notion that HL7 messaging and creating HL7 interfaces does not have to be as complex and painful a process as its reputation would suggest. As a result we have focused all of our efforts toward producing a suite of products which are designed with one primary objective: To make the task of developing real-world HL7 interfaces as painless, quick, simple and affordable as possible.

Our main goal and driving philosophy has always been to help you accomplish your HL7 mission in as few steps and with as few moving parts as possible. We start by approaching the problem differently from other HL7 software vendors by breaking the HL7 interface processes up into their individual functional components. For example, consider HL7 message transport over TCP/IP. If your mission in this area is only to consume HL7 messages that are being sent TO you and you have no need to produce and send any outbound HL7 messages then why on earth should you be forced to pay for that outbound HL7 functionality?


UltraPort HL7 Products in Action


Please don't hesitate to call us or send us an email if you have any comments or would like to discuss our products, future projects and product releases or if you need help / advice about HL7 Interfacing.